The Rosary Window

Explore the rosary prayer of Jesus' life, through the eyes of his first ever disciple

The web-pages linked below present a photographic virtual tour of the stained glass window by Nuttgens, situated in the south transept of the Cathedral Church of St Barnabas in Nottingham, England.

Each page on the tour consists of a single scene from the window, with commentary.  There are 15 scenes in total, relating to 15 'mysteries' or parts of the Rosary (the Rosary is a prayer).  Since the window was made, 5 more mysteries (the mysteries of light) were added to the Rosary prayer, making 20 in total.  The addition was made by Pope John Paul 2nd in 2002 - the year leading up to the 25th anniversary of his Pontificate.  For obvious reasons the additional mysteries do not form part of this Rosary window tour.

The tour comes in three versions (all versions show the same pictures but with different commentaries):

The reason for the different versions, is that people in some of these groupings will be familiar with concepts that to others are entirely new.  There is also the possibility that the same words might mean different things depending on which grouping you are in.  But you're welcome to look at any or all of them, as you like.

For the future, it's occured to me to come up with some pictures from elsewhere to add in the 5 new 'mysteries of light', but right now, the 45 pages above have just about 'zonked me out'.. so it'll have to wait!

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