Computing for Christians

No doubt you know that your web browser is a window onto the world, for better or worse.  A window to information, entertainment, talk of holiness, and sadly, sin.

God-minded people will mostly want to avoid the latter, but skillful designers and marketing minds are at work to draw you in.  Some people say that unwelcome content is unavoidable on the Internet, that it finds you even if you don't look for it.  And of course there are material dangers too, such as identity theft and on-line fraud.

How can you defend yourself, your family or business, and to a lesser extent your computers, from these dangers?

Most people look for software to provide the answers.  Probably you should too.  But you need to be able to identify the right solutions for your needs.  It's good if you have a trusted expert you can turn to, but most of us find we don't know anyone to fit the bill.  Of course you also need to use any security software correctly.  And ultimately you need to know that software can't protect you from every risk, so there's a need for vigilance and to wise-up.

The normal Christian approach to such challenges, is to start by raising a prayer to God.  If you share computers with others, that's an obvious prompt to make the prayer with them.  Perhaps as a family?  Or with colleagues?  And why not pray over your PCs and notebooks?  Here's some words we use at home:

Prayer of dedication and for blessing of family computers:

Lord God, Heavenly Father, thank you for the use of these computers.  We now resolve never to use them in an immoral way.  But Lord, You know we are not perfect, so help us to keep to this resolve, to use these computers only for good and holy things.

Help us also, to find the best way to run our PCs.  To be alert to important matters, so we get things right.  And where the software fails to protect us, or we fail to use it right, protect us from harm.

Send down the Holy Spirit to bless these computers for their entire serviceable life.  Mark out a zone around them, to be watched over by the Angels you appoint to guard us.  By the power of the Holy Spirit, may they inspire all users of these machines to virtue and purity.  May they defend us in spiritual battle.  And if sin ever gets the better of us, let us hear Jesus immediately calling us back to the fold.  Grant us the grace to respond to His call without delay.

Lord Jesus, if we are about to give in to to sinful temptation, be our shield.  Lord Jesus, Lion of Judah, drive out any evil that passes by here and help us make this zone a good and safe place once more.

Lord we know You are with us and You hear our prayers.  We thank You for that.  Let our use of these machines lead us to better things according to Your will.  Help us to make time in our use of them, to remember You, to seek Your ways and be mindful of Your wishes.

Lord we thank You for Your care, love and provision for us.  We remember Your sacrifice and thank You.

On our part, we are mindful not to take Your gifts for granted, and resolve to try and maintain our systems and our vigilance in a responsible way.


Catholics might want to add:

Holy family, pray for us,
St Joseph, pray we grasp all the important issues,
St Michael, protect us in battle.

Computer user's daily prayer:

Most Holy Trinity, I remember my prayer to you for this computer.  I know and trust that you are acting on it today.  Let me be alert to do my part, to stay pure and to use it well in your eyes.


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