Immerse yourself in the mystery of Christ's passion

If you landed on this page expecting a Mel Gibson epic, you may be a little disappointed.  But it's an honest title none the less.  Christians have been remembering the Passion of Christ for hundreds and thousands of years.  So much so, that it has become a common practice to reflect on Jesus' way of the cross, particularly during lent (the 40 days before Easter).

The web-pages linked below present a photographic virtual tour of the 14 stations along the way of the cross in the Cathedral Church of St Barnabas in Nottingham, England.  Apparently the 14 stations, on which this and just about every such series is based, were not set in their now familiar form, until as late as the 18th Century.  Before that time, people used various forms reaching back to the very times shortly after Christ, when His followers first retraced our Lord's steps on the way to the cross.  The 15th station was only commonly included in the series from the 1960's, so you'll see I apply a little licence with the last one.

Each page on the tour consists of a single scene from the series.  There are 15 scenes in total.  The commentary is by yours truly.  In a few parts I should warn you, it's very 'Catholic' (especially the last one).  I'm sorry but I haven't done multiple versions this time round, unlike the rosary window presentations - it takes a long time!  Rather I just trusted in God, and this is what came out..  If you find the 'Catholic' bits difficult then please don't let that put you off making your own prayerful reflection as you look at the pictures.

Like many Jesus films, a few of the scenes are not direct Bible extracts.  What matters though, is the message they relate: this should always be consistent with the Gospel message itself.  I've tried to ensure the reflections do that.

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