This site uses style sheets to put the navigation first, and content second.

But - if your browser ignores style sheets then the order is reversed: the content should come first and navigation second.

An exception to both of the above rules, occurs with any 'on-line presentations' of a series of images. Such pages have minimal navigation, positioned directly inside the main text of each page. Such presentation pages can be identified by the title-tag that displays at the top of most browsers.

In all cases the Accessibility link should be the first item on every page.


Apart from 'M', these follow the UK Government recommended access keys standard as at March 2007.

How you use the access keys varies from browser to browser. I'm sorry but monitoring and explaining how specific browsers work is too much for this website, so please search for that elsewhere. If some of the access keys don't work with your particular browser it may be due to a browser bug. I've noticed that IE6 seems to have such a bug when it comes to the way certain same-page links work (or rather don't work). As I have taken a positive decision not to use browser specific work arounds on this site, that might be a little frustrating, sorry.

Font size

If your browser allows you to change the size of text displayed on pages, then this site should prove compatible.

Standards statement (whinge)

I have tried to ensure that these pages conform to WAI accessibility standards. However this is a personal website and I am not a web professional, which means I don't have the time to exhaustively check against every aspect of the evolving standards. Instead I relied on an automated checking service from the University of Toronto. This suggested a AA (level 2) conformity. But there are no guarantees, and if the presentation of the content does not meet your needs, well I tried.. Perhaps the people who draw up standards and browsers need to make things simpler, supply approved templates etc.


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