The Happy Sheep pages are offered here, as a personal encouragement to deepen your Christian faith.  Come journey through these pages and..

  • reflect on the claims of Christians,
  • search for the fullness of the faith,
  • immerse yourself in the mystery of Christ's passion,
  • explore the life of Jesus through the rosary prayer,
  • sort out what sex is for, and more!

Why not start with the introduction on the about page?

Jumping to conclusions?

water-colour drawing of an eager looking sheepHappy Sheep is not about woolly creatures.  Well OK, Happy Sheep is not mainly about 'grass munchers', but it's possible that they might feature a small amount.

The minute part that sheep might play here, is purely as a metaphor.  A metaphor for the followers of Jesus!  That's who this site is for, and for anyone searching sincerely for truth!

It's confirmed that no sheep, either real or metaphorical, were harmed producing this web-site.  But the question still arises: can these sheep think?



The most recent developments are on the sex pages.  I have to fit this in with the day job and everything else, so please don't expect daily updates!

The happy-sheep, rosary and passion pages are fairly unchanging (though I'm asking a small group of people for feedback).  I hope to continue to add new content to the other sections for some time yet.


Site advice

Here's a serious tip:  rather than trying to skim everything, allow some time to read just one page thoroughly.  After all, you can always come back, you won't forget a name like will you!

Leaving aside what you think of my comments, the subjects tackled here are themselves, quite profound.  To get the most out of this site, you might want time to reflect, hence the 'one page at a time' idea.  Meanwhile, I'm praying for the gift of brevity! smiley


This site is mainly written with Christians in mind, whether committed, active, lapsed or nominal.  One clear exception to that is the secular presentation of the Rosary window:

rosary button

The secular presentation is intended 'for information'.  It's not crafted as a trap to convert anyone.

Unless you've a Christian background, then I regret some of the other sections may be difficult to follow.  That may be inevitable when a site is written with a particular audience in mind?  Still, if the subject interests you, you're very welcome to look around.

Happy browsing!


Want to disagree?

Please read the explanation on the about page.  It won't replace a proper conversation, but I hope it anticipates the most likely objections.



People come to Jesus as they happen to find Him - or He them!  That means in a variety of churches, which is why I've minimised the extent to which I present this as a 'Catholic' site.  I call myself a Christian because that's what I am - one that's come to Jesus in a Roman Catholic context.  Having done so, I'm conscious it provides wonderful insights that other Christians just don't get.  I've found in some areas it works the other way round too.

It's as though God spreads His gifts around, so as to pull us all together.  In response we Christians have to share these things, and encourage one another's faith in the One Lord.  I'm just trying to do my bit.

Jesus or God?

Some Christians use the word 'God' to refer exclusively to God the Father.  But of course we Christians also know Jesus as 'God the Son'.  The Father and the Son are two persons, but one God.  The Holy Spirit makes up the third person of the one God.  God is transcendent, so don't strain your mind trying to work out how He pulls off the three-in-one thing.

Of course you know all this, but I just want to avoid confusion: if anywhere on this web-site I say 'God', I am referring to the divine nature of the person about whom I'm writing.  If it's Jesus, then in that context 'God' means Jesus.

Just wanted to clear that up, thanks!



..for England:  Holy Father, Holy mighty One, Holy immortal One, for the sake of Jesus' suffering on the way of the cross, have mercy on this country, grant us the light to see our way back to Your path.  The grace to repent, the courage to change, and the hope of pleasing You.



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